Welcome to the Odds N Ends Lake Applet Tutorial

UPDATE! January 13, 1999

I have just recently found out who the ORIGINAL Author of the Lake Applet is!! We owe this beautiful applet to Mr. David Griffiths. You may visit his web site at http://www.demon.co.uk/davidg

Thank you David!

I have had some interest since I first put up the 'Evening' image some time ago, so I think that you might find this one interesting. I also have been seeing this applet all over the web. Sometimes done well, sometimes not. My hope is that you will ALWAYS do it well!

Update January 13, 1999

Since I put this tutorial up some time ago, I have gotten a number of emails from visitors who were having trouble getting it to run correctly on their pages. At this point, I would say that the majority of problems resulted in miss named files and the like. One of the more common methods is your computer (or server) not accepting long file names or otherwise changing the file names in some way. If you are having trouble, check this first.

Another strange happening, that has happened to some visitors and myself as well, is that sometimes your browser will not show a change that you have made in the applet code. When hand coding html you can simply save the change and hit the reload button on your browser for the changes to take effect. That is not always the case with JavaScript and Java Applets. When you make changes and see no effect, try closing down your browser and opening the page again fresh.

Good luck!


  1. First, you can start with any image you want. One you create is fine but a scanned picture will be just fine too. Before you get started, download this zip file with everything you will need to understand what is going on.


  2. Unzip the files into a temp directory (I use a, aa, aaa and so on to name my temporary file folders so as not to loose track of them) the readme file is there only as a copyright notice....so you may want to look at it. With all of the files unzipped in the same folder, you can open the lake.html file. If nothing is wrong (you are not "Java challenged" or the like) the page should load and the applet should run in just a moment.

  3. Once the applet is running...I would like you to open the same lake.html document again in notepad. Here is the specific code that we are looking at.

    <applet code="lake" width=500 height=190>
    <param name="image" value="newodds.jpg">

  4. By looking at the code above and the files in the zip, you can probably figure out most of what you need to know to create the effect on your own page. But we will go through them all one at a time.

  5. That is really all there is to it. Just make sure they are in the same file and copy the coding as I have it in the lake.html file. I have added 'cut here marks' to make it easy to get the right code. Just paste the code into your html file where you want it to be displayed in the page.

All for now...more soon!


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